Takayuki and Jamie didn't like each other.

I look terrible today.

I like your article.

I'm happy to meet you.

I started early in the morning, arriving there late at night.

I have exactly 5,000 apples.

The ship scudded before a heavy gale.

His pursuers were after him at once, like two dogs chasing a hare.

He arrived very early this morning.

Give me an apple.

I know you might think I'm too young.

The team played so poorly that their fans booed them after the game.

Someone is going to have an awesome childhood.

Jock finally got the nerve to ask Lindsay out.

Maybe Bruno can save us.

While at the fabric store, a small boy discovered large rolls of uncut fabric, which he unrolled and hid under, cackling like twelve squirrels.


You saw Elsa, didn't you?

Jong apologized for being late.

Hillary and Laurent don't see each other anymore.

I never talked to her again.

Gregor saw his parents arguing.

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Did she say something?

That's why I lied to you.

On entering her room, I realised that she was a Yuming fan.

The motorman slowed down the train.

It was such a hot day that we went swimming.

Nicolette walked towards the kitchen.

Everything was going as he had planned.

One of my favorite sentences in the "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" book is: "I could say the multiplication table up to six times seven is thirty-five, and I don't take no stock in mathematics, anyway".

It's hard to know what to do.

The furigana is automatically generated.

There is no doubt he is to win this race - he is at his best now!

Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

I guess Tharen didn't get around to painting the barn last summer.

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Kate stays in Izu over the weekend.


I'm in desperate trouble.

I'm a great singer.

Do you really care when I get this done as long as I get it done?

She lost count.

Your most interesting friend is?

Did I hurt your feelings?

Why do you speak French so well?

I've promised to go.

We'll catch up with you later.

Elias admitted that she had dabbled in the magical arts.

Others came to escape religious persecution.

Florian entered the empty room and immediately noticed a lit cigarette in the ashtray.

The fact is that she didn't even read the letter.

Marco is forgiven.

Please be prepared for emergencies.

I'm just advising you not to waste your time.

I had drinks with Johann last night.

That won't make him happy.

Little children love Disneyland.

There is no need to talk about it.

That's wise.

I don't care who you are.

I just read a really good book.

Guido needs the truth.

Mark the right answer.

Larry has developed his own method for rapid learning of a foreign language. He reads books, focusing on understanding the meaning and not paying attention to the sentences' grammatical structure.

Why do I have to do it?

The British finally retreated.

We need your help to do this.

We're going to have a boy.

Suu didn't understand what Nici was talking about.


All sweaters of this type are out of stock now. We'll order them from the main store in Tokyo.


Have you ever heated the dinner?

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I really love basketball.


I can't help Pratap with his homework.

Do you enjoy walking barefoot on the sand?

My sister has traced our family tree back to the 16th century.


Do you want to say something?


We got up at dawn.

I realized it only then.

I want to buy myself a garbage disposal.

I was very scared of snakes.

I must study hard in order to keep up with him.

That's pretty annoying.

Izumi received an urgent message to call his wife.

I think Miki will be offended by what Plastic is going to say.

Clean the dirt off the mirror.

I'm Olson's girlfriend.

"What time is it now?" "It's 10 o'clock."

Martha didn't know if it would be worth his while applying for the job.

Did you read the instructions?

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It's like water on the duck's back.

New hires who just joined the company do everything in this timid manner.

They set up their backs against the claim.

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Don't be modest!

I'm the guy who met Phillip at the station.

I checked and rechecked, so I don't think there are any mistakes on that report.


What happened then?

Jacques had to have some teeth taken out because he had overcrowding.

He is not like he seems.

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Rise when called.

Elric didn't care what Sandy did.

From whose hand should I take something?

Dale lost his job when his branch of the company amalgamated with head office.

He was billed to appear as Romeo.

In many cases, the image that comes to mind when you listen to music is that of the CD's artwork.

Can I use this room freely?

Half-forgotten music danced through his mind.

I'll be ready by Monday.

I'd be happy to discuss it.

Dad's working.

Why are these people here?

The children built a sand castle on the beach.

I'm not Ramneek's sister.

Do you remember what day of the week Blue Sky Sports is closed?

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You will be missed by your friends when you're gone.


Wherever I have my lunch box, I enjoy it.

Why doesn't anybody help you?

Everything's negotiable.

I'd like to go to the mall.

I can handle her.

I'm a 24-year-old American; I go by Steve.

Somebody's got to stay with you.

Mayuko entered the room.

I knew from his tone how much he hated me.

I caught two fish.

That's not something I want to think about right now.

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The speed at which he keeps churning out sentences in Albanian makes me wonder if 'he' is a machine.


The problem is that solar energy is too expensive.


I'd advise you to let us go.

I don't want to be the person who tells Kari that.

Your opponents are an illusion. There are no distinct entities of "us" versus "them."

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She works a lot.

That's a pretty big fish you've just caught.

The family is sitting in a happy circle around the dining table.

I'm a photographer.

We can't cut down that tree.

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Actually, the present method has plenty of room for improvement.


We work to earn money.


This is a map.


The flickering black-and-white television set bothered my exhausted eyes.

Please call us when you see the cat in this picture.

I thought I could deal with it.


Reinhard is looking for a reasonably-priced used car.

Should I talk to him?

I have a feeling you'll like Olson.

The boy found the big box contained nothing but old newspapers.

Pepsi is a transvestite.


Someone should look into this.

Come to pick me up if it rains tomorrow.

I rather like him.

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I'm just being pragmatic.

Now for my next number, I'd like to play a song for you that I learned from my father.

It really doesn't concern you.

Have you ever seen him swimming?

May I suggest another idea?

Why complain about it now?

Take over, will you?

My maths professor suffers from insomnia.

It just might work.


I used to have a little crush on you.


I don't agree with you at all.

It's beyond me.

Do you hear from her often?


Moore asked Ben if she enjoyed reading murder mysteries.

I think William has never been to Boston.

The poppy-covered field has become the summer's poetical landscape.


The ship is sailing at three.


This is quite tasty.


Louiqa said he'd find her.

I'm teaching Basque.

Three men menaced him with knives.